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I am here on Ometepe to assist you to further your journey into embodiment, deep-dive relaxation & healing through

Energy & Shiatsu Bodywork.

My Offering

I have a 20 year history of studying alternative medicines, ancient & modern practices.

When I was called to the magic of the art of healing touch, I realized that many of my learnings were flowing into my craft & channeled into the simplest & ancient -  but at the same time highly complex - human connection & touch.

We are all body-mind-soul beings, but “when you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” Thich Nhat Hanh

The fundament of my work is Shiatsu - a japanese acupressure massage based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), shamanic practices & modern physical therapy) in which I incorporate other energy & healing tools to release energetic blockages, balance the nervous system & co-create well-being. 

While I continue to further my own journey of learning, teaching & knowing, it is crucial to my sessions that I "abandon knowledge, discard self," as advocated by Shen Dao. Then, we can begin the intuitive and co-creational healing experience. 

Sessions are aprrox 1,5 hours & donation based ranging from 50-80 $US. We will work on a floor mat. Please be clothed confortably & bring a towel or sarong.

When you are ready for a session, please let me know.

Con Amor!


Hanna - Tao Mama.


My location is in Santa Cruz/El Madronal area.


Wattsapp, Telegram, Signal +49-163-881-3370